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Day/Night Mirror
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    Day/Night Mirror

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    Part # 08V03-TBA

    Select Mirror:
    2016-2018 Mirror w/Honda Sensing, 2019 Type R ($97.20)
    2016-2018 Mirror w/o Honda Sensing and 2019 Si ($123.60)
    2019-2020 Mirror w/HomeLink LX, Sport, EX, 2020 Si and Type R ($283.09)
    Select Attachment Kit:
    Standard Mirror Attachment ($38.88)
    Homelink Mirror Attachment ($37.62)


    Our auto-dimming mirror darkens to reduce headlight glare with no hand adjustment necessary. It automatically adjusts for all light conditions.

    Vehicle Applications

    2016-2020 Civic 2dr LX, Sport, EX, Si
    2016-2020 Civic 4dr LX, Sport EX, Si
    2017-2020 Civic Hatchback LX, Sport, EX, Type R

    Installation Instructions