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Episode #131 - Odyssey DePAX Kit

Disclaimer: American Honda Motor Company will not approve and warranty any non-PAX tire/wheel assemblies regardless if you are replacing with Genuine Honda equipment as we are offering below. Their stance and we quote is the following.

"American Honda strongly recommends that you replace the original PAX tires only with new PAX tires of the same size and speed rating. Using any non-PAX tire/wheel assemblies on a vehicle originally designed for PAX tires poses significant safety concerns and is not recommended or approved by American Honda."

Based on their "recommendations" any DePAX conversions, maintenance and safety are the sole responsibility of the vehicle owner. College Hills Honda is willing to supply and offer complete DePAX packages but on an "as is" basis only.

Our DePAX Kits: With the research you have done online you already know that you can switch from PAX wheels to a conventional wheel and tire. We offer several different 16" and 17" Honda Alloy Wheels to fit your lifestyle. You can reuse lug nuts*, tire pressure sensors^ and center caps~ from the PAX wheels or you may purchase new sets for a more "turn key" installation.

  • *Different style lug nuts are required for 2005-2006 models if you choose a 2007 or newer alloy wheel design.

  • ^It is highly recommended if you are reusing your sensors that your replace the valve stem assemblies. New tire pressure sensors come with valve assemblies when you order. ->more information

  • ~Kit5 includes center caps that will match the wheel design and color.

  • Only our spare kit includes a tire. You will be responsible for selecting an appropriate tire for your wheels from your local dealer or tire store.

Episode #164 - Odyssey DePAX Kit Part 2
Questions and Answers

Selecting Appropriate Tires: In order to buy safe tires for your Odyssey we recommend to look for conventional tires that will most closely match the stock PAX specifications. You may select any brand tire you wish but we have supplied a few examples of tire matches below.

Size Tire Treadwear Rating Traction/
Load Rating
Per Tire
235-710R460A Michelin PAX 500 A/B 104T 1984 118 28.0"
P235/65 R16 16" Michelin Energy LX4 500 A/B 103T 1929 118 27.9"
P235/65 R16 16" Continental Pro Contact 600 A/B 103T 1929 118 28.0"
P235/60 R17 17" Michelin Energy LX4 500 A/B 102T 1874 118 28.0"
P235/60 R17 17" BFGoodrich Advantage T/A 680 A/B 102T 1874 118 28.1"

Proper Load Rating: To figure the tire load rating multiply the rating of the tire by 4. For example a 17" Michelin Energy LX4 has a load rating of 1874 pounds. This number multiplied by 4 gives you a total of 7496 pounds. A 2007 Touring model with PAX tires comes in at a curb weight of 4678 pounds. This will leave you with 2818 pounds of vehicle load which includes passengers, cargo and tongue weight if you are pulling a trailer. The max load limit for the 2007 Touring is 1208 pounds according to the owner's manual. That being said even at full vehicle load you would still have 1610 pounds leftover.

Touring Model Informational Display: If air pressure in a tire drops significantly on a vehicle designed to use a PAX system, a message appears on the multi-information display telling the driver it is OK to keep driving on the PAX wheel. This is because a PAX tire can be driven on even when it is significantly under inflated or flat. This message will appear even if the vehicle is subsequently outfitted with conventional wheels and tires. Therefore if this message appears after DePAXing you should treat and address the issue as you would a conventional wheel and tire setup. You will no longer be able to drive safely on severely under inflated or flat conventional tires.

Additional information about the PAX system can be found at

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