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How To Start Your Vehicle With A Dead Remote Fob

Have a dead battery in your remote fob? In case of this emergency there is still a way to start your vehicle. Just follow these simple steps. Touch the center of the stop/start button with the H logo on the back of the remote fob while the start/stop button is flashing. The buttons on the fob should be facing you. The start/stop button flashes for about 30 seconds. Depress the brake pedal (automatic) or clutch pedal (manual) then press the start/stop button within 10 seconds after the beeper sounds and the start/stop button changes from flashing to on.

Maximize Your Push Button Start Remote Performance

Strong communication between your remote fob and the vehicle is crucial for remote entry, remote start, and push button start performance. Battery life is approximately 2 years in these styles of remotes. If you are seeing poor performance or your battery is not lasting that long, there could be a few reasons why. The battery is being used whenever the keyless remote is receiving strong radio waves. Keeping the remote away from the vehicle when it is not in use and avoiding putting the fob near electrical appliances like computers and televisions will help maximize battery life. Cold temperatures can
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Why Do My Wipers Streak?

Nothing is more frustrating than having wiper blades or inserts leaving streaks on your windshield. So what some of the causes of this and what can be done? Road contaminants and grease – Both can build up on the glass and blades causing streaks, noise, judder, and smearing. Start by heading to the car wash or just simply clean the windshield. Next clean the rubber blade with a towel soaked in undiluted washer fluid. With all the grime and grease removed your wiper performance will be greatly increased. Old blades/inserts – If your blades are 6 months or older they
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