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    Air Filter

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    Part # 17220-RN0-A00


    Engines, like people, need to breathe clean air to stay fit. Without a free flow of clean air, an engine can't perform at its best. It's the job of your engine's air filter to remove dust and contaminants from incoming air before they can reduce performance, increase fuel consumption and cause premature engine wear. As these pollutants build up on the filter, engine airflow becomes restricted, which adversely affects performance. That’s why it’s important to regularly replace your old, dirty air filter with a new Honda Genuine Engine Air Filter. Made from advanced materials designed for superior filtration and airflow, Honda Genuine Engine Air Filters help optimize performance and fuel economy. Remember, all engine air filters aren’t the same. Insist on original Honda quality. Insist on Honda Genuine.

    Vehicle Applications

    2009-2015 Pilot