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Parking Sensor Kit
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    Parking Sensor Kit

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    Retail Price: $538.18

    Part # 08V67-TXM

      Attachment Kit
    Select Color:
    Platinum White Pearl (NH-883P) - 08V67-TVA-110K
    Lunar Silver Metallic (NH-830M) - 08V67-TVA-120K
    Modern Steel Metallic (NH-797M) - 08V67-TVA-130K
    Crystal Black Pearl (NH-731P) - 08V67-TVA-150K
    Radiant Red Metallic (R-569M) - 08V67-TVA-170K
    Crimson Red Pearl (R-543P) - 08V67-TVA-1G0K
    Aegean Blue (B-593M) - 08V67-TVA-1E0K
    White Orchid Pearl (NH-788P) - 08V67-TVA-1F0K
    Cosmic Blue (B-607M) - 08V67-TVA-1H0K


    Parking Sensors can provide invaluable assistance in difficult parking situations and can alert you to obstacles behind you or out of your line-of-sight. Consists of front and rear sensors. While backing up, two rear and two corner sensors emit audible beeps inside the Insight to signal as objects are approached. Beeps quicken as objects become closer. Along with audio, visual notification will be displayed in the meter.

    Vehicle Applications

    2019-2021 Insight (All)

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