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Auto Day/Night Mirror w/Homelink

    Auto Day/Night Mirror w/Homelink

    Your Price: $259.91

    Retail Price: $360.98

    Part # 76400-TG7-KIT

      Mirror - 76400-THR-A01
      Attachment - 91902-TZ3-A01


    A car is fast approaching from the rear. Headlights begin to blind you. No worries. The Automatic-Dimming Mirror with HomeLink darkens to reduce the glare. No hand adjustment necessary. Reduced glare lessens nighttime eye strain. Automatically adjusts for all light condition. Replaces the standard rearview mirror. Includes HomeLink Wireless Control System that can be programmed to activate devices such as garage door openers, gates, and RF controlled lighting.

    Vehicle Applications

    2019 Pilot EX ONLY