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HPD Front Brake Kit
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    HPD Front Brakes offer improved stopping performance and reduced brake fade without harming drivability. Multi-piston front calipers improve pedal feel and modulation, while maintaining front-to-rear brake balance.

    - 300 mm directionally vented rotors (from 262 mm)
    - Four-piston performance calipers:
    Leading: 34 mm piston
    Trailing: 38 mm piston
    - Reduced high-speed stopping distances
    - Increased fade resistance
    - Stiff calipers improve pedal feel and modulation
    - Engineered to maintain brake balance front to rear
    - Ceramic sport brake pads for easy bed-in and linear response in both hot and cold temperatures
    - Stable friction performance across a wide temperature range

    Vehicle Applications

    2011-2015 CR-Z

    Installation Instructions