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H8 Solar Yellow Halogen Twin Pack
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    The next evolution in yellow lighting for your fog lights! Newly developed Vivid-Coat Technology allows more light to pass through the coating, making these great performing inclement weather halogen bulbs. The color temperature of Solar Yellow makes these a safe options when dealing with snow, sleet, fog, dust, and smoke. If you are looking to enhance the look of your vehicle, or improve the performance of your lights in inclement weather, the Solar Yellow bulbs are the ideal solution. 1 year warranty from the manufacturer. *Not a Honda part.

    Vehicle Applications

    Additional Product Notes

    When replacing bulbs either aftermarket or OEM make sure to monitor the fog assemblies for several days to check for any condensation. Any moisture in the fog assembly indicates an improper seal of the bulb to the housing. Remove the bulb, allow the housing to dry, and reinstall checking for proper seal. Bulbs of any type are non returnable.