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Back-Up Sensors
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    Back-Up Sensors

    Your Price: $331.20

    Retail Price: $400.00

    Part # 08V67-TK8-

    Select Attachment:
    LX Model - 08V67-TK8-100A
    EX Models - 08V67-TK8-1A0A
    Select Color:
    Alabaster Silver - 08V67-TK8-120K
    Crystal Black - 08V67-TK8-130K
    Smoky Topaz - 08V67-TK8-150K
    Celestial Blue - 08V67-TK8-160K
    Dark Cherry - 08V67-TK8-170K
    White Diamond - 08V67-TK8-1A0K
    Modern Steel - 08V67-TK8-1C0K
    Obsidian Blue - 08V67-TK8-1D0K


    Get help getting in and out of tight spots. Includes 4 sensors: two for the rear corners and two for the rear center bumper. Rear-corner sensors emit a high-pitch beep; rear-center sensors, a low-pitch beep. The system's warning beep quickens as the vehicle nears an object. The sensors are color-matched for an integrated look. Price includes the required attachment kit.

    Vehicle Applications

    2014-2017 Odyssey except Touring

    Installation Instructions