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Back-Up Sensors
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    Back-Up Sensors

    Your Price: $407.56

    Retail Price: $551.77

    Part # 08V67-T0A

      Attachment Kit (Required)
    Select Color:
    Copper Sunset (Code 110H)
    Alabaster Silver (Code 120J)
    Crystal Black (Code 130J)
    Urban Titanium (Code 190J)
    White Diamond (Code 1E0J)
    Basque Red II (Code 1H0J)
    Obsidian Blue (Code 1R0J)
    Mountain Air (Code 1U0J)
    Kona Coffee (Code 1W0J)
    Modern Steel (Code 1Y0J)


    Get help getting in and out of tight spots. Includes 4 sensors: two for the rear corners and two for the rear center bumper. The system's warning beep quickens as the vehicle nears an object. Price includes required attachment.

    Vehicle Applications

    2015-2016 CR-V

    Installation Instructions