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HPD Supercharger
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    HPD Supercharger

    Your Price: $5,394.00

    Retail Price: $5,495.00

    Part # 06100-F27S-A00

      HPD Traction Fluid - 08799-0007
      Coil Set, Solenoid (2011 ONLY)


    The HPD Supercharger System boosts the 2013–14 CR-Z’s total powertrain output up to 197 hp (vs. 130 hp in the stock 2013–14 CR-Z).

    This system is available exclusively for 2011–14 CR-Z manual transmission models. It DOES NOT apply to CVT-equipped models.

    The HPD Supercharger System requires unleaded gasoline of 91 octane or higher, and an ECM/PCM software update. Use Honda Genuine Ultimate Full Synthetic 0w-20 engine oil.

    Dealer requirements for Executive Order D-728 issued for the HPD CR-Z Supercharger by the California Air Resources Board (CARB): The HPD CR-Z Supercharger System may not be installed on a new motor vehicle before the vehicle has been sold to a customer, or concurrent with the sale of a new vehicle to a consumer. This system may be installed (1) on a pre-owned vehicle at any time, or (2) on a new vehicle only after the vehicle has been sold to a consumer and as part of a separate transaction.

    Before completing installation, you must send the ECM/PCM to HPD to be reprogrammed. (See the Accessory Installation Instructions for more information, and to fill out the form that must be sent with the ECM/PCM.)

    The HPD CR-Z Supercharger System includes the following components:

    - Centrifugal Supercharger
    - Supercharger Traction Oil Cooler
    - HPD Pulley Set
    - HPD Airbox System
    - HPD Air to Air Intercooler
    - High Flow Injectors
    - HPD Washer Bottle
    - ECU Re-Flashed by HPD

    Vehicle Applications

    2011-2014 CR-Z Manual

    Installation Instructions

    Additional Product Notes

    HPD Traction Fluid is required for installation.
    Solenoid Coil Set is required for 2011 CR-Z only.