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Sports Horn Kit (pair)


    This product has been phased out. Please use part number 38100T2A instead. Remove the meep, meep and upgrade to real sounding horns. These sport horns were manufactured specifically for College Hills Honda with direct plug and play Honda connectors mounted in strategic locations. A lower splash shield helps keep water and dirt from entering the horn. Low and High horns are included. *Not a Honda product.


    - Water resistant, anti-sand horn buckler;
    - Long Service Life, Reliable Quality;
    - High quality diaphragm;
    - Thin-film technology with water proof and exhaust;
    - Unique contact protection process;
    - Anti-weather interference material;
    - Superior corrosion resistance;
    - With fashionable modeling, it can be easily be installed in narrow spaces.


    Working voltage: 9-15V
    Electrical current: <3.5A
    Operating temperature: -40 to 85 Celsius
    Frequency: H 500+/- 20Hz | L 400+/- 20Hz
    Sound Level: 110+/- 5dB(A)
    Lifespan: 150,000 times
    Diameter: 80mm
    Weight: 240g

    Vehicle Applications

    2013-2017 Accord 4dr
    2013-2017 Accord 2dr

    Installation Instructions

    Installation Instructions PDF

    Installation procedure is the same as our previous horn upgrade shown in the video below.


    The sound is very similar to our standard upgrade with the Sports Horn offering a slightly higher tone. The main difference is that the standard upgrade horns are rated at 108db and the Sports horns are slightly louder at 110db each.

    Additional Product Notes

    When installing your horns make sure they are completely bolted to the vehicle before testing. The horns will not sound by simply plugging them in. They must be properly grounded.