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On Sale Lightning Rechargeable 12V Jump Starter/Charger

    Lightning Rechargeable 12V Jump Starter/Charger

    Your Price: $69.00

    Retail Price: $99.99

    Part # CA-9802


    Don't get stranded! This jump starter/charger is perfect for battery emergencies. Simply keep it charged and store it in your glove box, especially during a cold winter.

    Jump start most standard 12v vehicles;
    Compact, fits in your glove compartment;
    Portable power source for outdoor activities;
    400 Peak AMPS;
    With 10000mAh of capacity, charge your iPhone 5 / 4 / 3GS / 3 four to five times (40 hours of talk time), your Galaxy S3 three times, or your iPad / iPad 2 once. That is more than 400% the capacity of most smart phones;
    Rechargeable high-capacity Lithium-ion battery;
    Battery status LEDs;
    USB charging; LED flashlight;
    DC & AC power;
    Over-current protection;
    Short circuit protection;
    Overload protection;
    Over-voltage protection;
    Over-charge protection;
    Includes: 2.0 Amp 5v USB Charging Port, 110/220V AC Charger, 12V Power Socket, 12V Auto Adaptor Charger, Zippered Storage Bag.