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Borla Stainless Steel Exhaust Cleaner & Polish

    Borla Stainless Steel Exhaust Cleaner & Polish

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    Borla Performance, famous for incredible quality and leading edge technology, has created a custom, high end cleaner/polish that has been specially formulated to restore the original factory finish to stainless steel exhaust. Combining state-of-the-art cleaning solutions in a revolutionary formula to provide unmatched results and protection. Helps remove colorization. Cuts through layers of dulling oxides. Safely and easily. Apply and buff off for a world class brightness and excellent protection from the elements. Through the years we have received many requests for a cleaner/polish that restores the finish of a Borla® exhaust to the way it was when it was new but we were unable to find one that worked especially well with the austenitic stainless steel used in Borla® products. The metal polishes on the market were designed to work with many different types of metal and therefore did not do the best job possible on austenitic stainless steel. After years of testing, Borla® has finally developed an exhaust cleaner/polish that is specifically designed to work on stainless steel exhaust components for cars, motorcycles, boats, trucks etc. Exhaust systems deal with specific elements like heat cycling, condensation, oxidation etc. that create unwanted affects to the material which are specific to exhaust. Borla's new polish is designed ONLY to counteract these affects and as a result performs better for this purpose than anything else available.

    Vehicle Applications

    For Borla Exhaust Systems. Not intended for use on black-chrome tips.