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Fog Light Kit

    Fog Light Kit

    Your Price: $328.04

    Retail Price: $441.21

    Part # 08V31-TM8

      Fog Light Kit - Part# 08V31-TM8-110
    Select Attachment Trim Color:
    Spectrum White - Part# 08V31-TM8-110A
    Alabaster Silver - Part# 08V31-TM8-120A
    Polished Metal - Part# 08V31-TM8-130A
    Crystal Black - Part# 08V31-TM8-140A
    Cerulean Blue - Part# 08V31-TM8-150A
    Neutron Blue - Part# 08V31-TM8-160A
    Tango Red - Part# 08V31-TM8-180A
    Taffeta White - Part# 08V31-TM8-1C0A
    Dynamic Blue - Part# 08V31-TM8-1Q0A
    Deep Crimson - Part# 08V31-TM8-1K0A


    Add sporty styling and aid visibility in adverse conditions. Precision optics provide a highly controlled light pattern to enhance driver's visibility in dense fog, rain or snow. Integrated design for a factory-installed appearance. Plug-in connectors require no wire splicing or cutting for better reliability. Attachment trim is body-colored to match the factory paint.

    Vehicle Applications

    2010-2011 Insight

    Installation Instructions