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Causes of Honda Brake Click or Groan

Brake Click

Have you noticed your brakes making a click noise when going in reverse then again when in drive?

A clearance between the brake caliper brackets and the ends of the brake pads allows for heat expansion and avoids corrosion between the caliper bracket and the brake pads. So, the next time you back up and apply the brakes and then drive forward and apply the brakes, the single “click” noise you hear is just a normal characteristic of the braking system.

Brake Groan

After starting your vehicle, have you ever wondered what that groaning noise is when you first begin to drive in forward or reverse?

On models with a compact anti-lock brake system (ABS) unit, your vehicle’s ABS emits a brief grunt or groan when it does a self-check. The self-check occurs when a vehicle is backed up or driven forward after being started. This noise is associated with the ABS self-check and doesn’t mean there’s a problem with the ABS.

Causes of Honda Brake Squeal

My brakes are squealing.  Why?

Brake squeal is caused by the vibration of the brake pads against the rotating brake disc when they are applied.  Brake shims and high-temp grease usually will dampen or eliminate the squeal however sometimes the sound may not be able to be eliminated all together.

If the squealing is abnormally loud it is recommended that the brakes be inspected.  It is possible that your brakes do not have enough usable life remaining or the shims/grease may need replaced.

As always, refer to your owner’s manual for recommended brake inspection and service intervals.  Keeping up on regular maintenance can help keep your brake repairs to a minimum.