How To Replace Honda Wiper Inserts

Are your wipers streaking, chirping or no longer cleaning like they should? Chances are you need some new wiper inserts. As long as you have Honda blades installed you can replace just the rubber inserts which are much cheaper than the cost of all new blades. Installation is easy. Just follow the directions below*.

*Some Honda models may vary.

Step 1 –  Turn the ignition switch to the ON (II) position and activate the wipers. When the wipers are in the upright position, turn
the ignition switch off. Raise the wiper arms.


Step 2 – Disconnect the blade assembly from the wiper arm by pushing in the lock tab. Hold the lock tab in while you push the blade assembly toward the base of the arm. Depending on your exact model you may be able to replace the inserts while the blades are still attached.


Step 3 – Remove the blade from its holder by grabbing the tabbed end of the blade. Pull up firmly until the tabs come out of the holder.


Step 4 – Remove the metal reinforcement strips from the old
wiper blade, and install them in the slots along the edge of the new

Step 5 – Slide the new wiper blade into the holder until the tabs lock.

Step 6 – Slide the wiper blade assembly onto the wiper arm. Make sure it locks in place.

Step 7 – Lower the wiper arm against the window.

Step 8 – Turn the ignition switch to the ON(II) position, and turn the wiper switch off to return the wiper arms to the parked position.