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2016 Honda Pilot Idle-Stop

The idle-stop feature is standard on Pilot Touring and Elite trims—it helps maximize fuel efficiency in stop-and-go traffic. When the vehicle brakes to a stop for at least 2 seconds—such as at a traffic light—the engine automatically shuts off to save fuel. When you release the brake pedal even slightly, the engine starts back up by itself. The system is engineered to operate smoothly and seamlessly when restarting.

2016 Honda Pilot Intelligent Traction Management

The 2016 Pilot EX and above trims are equipped with Intelligent Traction Management. This video shows how Intelligent Traction Management helps drivers to better maintain traction, stability and driving confidence in a wide variety of conditions—with the ease of pushing a button. Two-wheel-drive models feature two modes: Normal and Snow. All-wheel-drive models feature four modes: Normal, Snow, Mud and Sand.

2016 Honda Pilot Rain-Sensing Windshield Wipers

A great new feature found on the 2016 Pilot Elite is rain-sensing windshield wipers. If you’re driving in the rain they can come in pretty handy, because they automatically control the speed of the wipers based on the amount of rain hitting the windshield. They must be turned off before entering a car wash.

2016 Honda Pilot Remote Engine Start

The remote engine-start feature on Pilot EX and above trims takes the convenience factor to a new level. It allows you to start the Pilot’s engine from up to 60 yards away and preheat or precool the cabin before you even get in. This video will demonstrate how to use the remote engine-start feature.