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Wipers That Smear, Streak or Chatter

A buildup of road film, oil, or grease on the windshield or the wiper blades can cause the wiper blades to smear, streak, or chatter when being used. Normally wiper blades are good for about 6 months but if you are experiencing these symptoms you may want to try the following.

• Use Glass Cleaner to thoroughly clean the windshield removing anything that might be stuck to the glass. Windshield washer fluid and rain alone will not remove pesky debris.

• Use Windshield Washer Concentrate Cleaner & Antifreeze straight from the bottle on a soft cloth to clean the wiper blades. Doing so will condition the blade rubber. If the wiper blades still smear, streak, or chatter then you may want to consider replacement.

Beware of Chemical Cleaners for Engine Compartments

If your engine compartment is in need of a good cleaning be aware of what you use. Using strong chemicals can damage plastic components causing loss of vehicle performance or worse yet vehicle failure.

Your best bet is to use a mild detergent and pressure washer. This method will get the job done without causing harm to parts.

How to Remove Inside Window Film on your Honda


So just what is that cloudy gunk on the inside of your windshield?  Well, many things can be the cause including condensation, dust, and tobacco smoke.  The most common cause though is the outgassing of plastics, foams, and vinyls used in producing vehicle interiors.  This outgassing is accelerated when the interior is hot and is most often seen on new cars.  As vehicles age this outgassing fades away and is usually not long term.


The best method to remove the film is to mix a solution of one part white vinegar and ten parts water.  Apply this to the inside of the windshield and simply wipe it clean.  Be very careful to not get any on the interior fabric and plastics to avoid possible staining.


To help prevent film build up, keep the vehicle in the shade and leave a window slightly open during hot weather.  A windshield sunshade can also help in prevention.